Friday, December 9, 2011

Back to painting

Sonia Delaunay, Sketchbook

Radka Z King, Wim - Oil on Canvas, Prague 2000
Oil paint on canvas: Wim

After some time away from easel and Photoshop I am getting back to painting. This little blog will be a way to share my first steps, progress, and also to receive some feedback. :)

Since my break has been so long it actually came to me as a real struggle to start. To overcome the creative block I am going to do two things. First is to be gathering and sharing my old paintings together with professional artists' paintings that inspire me. And second thing will be undertaking a project that I will call Colour Workshop.
My Colour Workshop will be based on a book by David Hornung ‘Colour’.

Step one - beginning colour studies: putting together a selection of Gouache paints. Unfortunately the selection of Gouache paints is very limited in the Czech Republic so my materials will be different from the ones suggested in the book. I will be using:

  • lemon yellow, kadmium yellow light, helio gen. yellow light

  • ultramarine blue, paris blue, kobalt blue atlantic

  • scarlet red, permanent red deep, cadmium red middle

  • burnt siena, gold ochre

  • raw umber

  • opaque white, titanium white

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