Radka Zimova King

"Colors, shapes, and composition are my passion."

My parents say that I was drawing for hours when I was a little girl. But what I remember is the time at school when during the lessons I would draw on the margins on my school books and note books endlessly. 
Later in life I did a year course in the Artistic School of Design in Cakovice. I studied oil painting in a studio of a contemporary Czech painter Jaroslav Klat. After that my life journey took me to Charles University in Prague to study and graduate in Humanities with a final thesis about a French artist Marcel Duchamp. After that I did a two year Diploma in Multimedia and Web development in a Scottish city of Glasgow. My current employment is with eBay and their international marketing team in Prague although at this very moment I am on mother's leave with my second son. 
Over the years I realized that in my life was something very important missing. It was creativity and visual expression. It was painting. First I started using photography for looking for a good subject for my paintings. After a while of taking pictures this way I realized that photography itself was an amazing way of capturing and expressing life around me.
Now I am working on two projects. One is a photographic website with pictures of Prague that I intend to take the whole year round. Second is to develop my painting sessions and creativity.

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