Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The winner of DOX Art Salon

Dopis, Letter
Watercolour on paper

Teodor Buzu is the winner of DOX Art Salon. He got 5 votes from visitors in the gallery and 2411 votes on Facebook.

Teodor Buzu is a professional artist born in Moldavia. He studied art in Ukraine and he lives and exhibits his work in the Czech Republic, Moldavia and Romania.
What I found really interesting about the voting is the fact that Teodor won based on the Facebook votes and that he got such a few votes in the gallery. So curious about that I investigated bit more which was not difficult. All information was published on DOX website and their Facebook page. What happened was that Teodor's son Aleš created a Facebook event with the request to vote for his father paintings and provided description of steps how to vote on the Facebook application. The event was sent to over 4 000 people and was called 'Když syn chce udělat otci radost' - 'When son wants to make his father happy'. Out of those about half of them voted and the artist who actually had no idea about the whole thing won. It must have been a wonderful surprise!

It is doubtful how much this kind of voting speaks about the art itself. On the other hand it does speak volumes about the artist's relationship with his son, his friends, his art students, co-artists, and all others who took the few minutes and voted. If somebody can inspire so many people he or she is definitely an inspiring artist. After all is art not also about inspiration?

You can find Teodor's art at his website: http://www.teodorbuzu.com/


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