Saturday, May 26, 2012

The end of Art Salon at DOX

Today it was the last day of the Art Salon at Prague gallery DOX in Holesovice. All participants were to pick up their paintings at the gallery.

We went there, me and my son who helped to carry the big canvas. We walked through the huge space looking at the white walls now half empty and half still covered with paintings, big, small and medium size. Even now we could tell what a large variety of topics and styles were present at this show. The moment felt special, all was quiet and tranquil, the excitement was gone and everybody seemed to move slowly, almost lazily around taking pictures down and packing them for their journey home.

For the last time we walked round the space looking at the paintings which were still waiting for their owners. For the last time we pointed at those we liked or disliked sharing our thoughts about them. Then we walked into sunny Saturday afternoon and slowly walked to the tram stop.

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