Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Paintings from the attic

With a Smile, Oil on hardboard

We have just been  to our old house in the country. After having enjoyed hot and sunny garden with our baby, having done walks around the little village and nearby forest, I felt like exploring our attic a bit. I found a few paintings of mine there. Three of them I am putting out on my blog.
First one is an oil painting on hardboard. I did not  use any model here. The aim was to play with different shades of blue and a seated figure.
Second one called Birth is on the other hand very expressive and does not focuse on form. It is very quick picture done alla prima which could be a base for more elaborate painting in future.
The last picture is a watercolour sketch of a country road near our village.
Country Road, Watercolour on paper
Birth, Oil on hardboard

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