Saturday, May 5, 2012

More than thousand amazing paintings at DOX

1132 amazing paintings is displayed in a beautiful space of DOX Gallery until May 25. Organisers of the exhibition Art Salon took inspiration from the French “Salon of the Rejected” (Salon des refuses), and of the Salon of the Independents (Salon des indépendants) that took place in Paris in the late 19th century. The DOX gallery made an open call to artists and public to submit from one to three paintings with maximum of 2m2 in total per person. All submitted paintings were accepted. Over than one thousand paintings of all different styles and skills were gathered and filled the great space of the gallery. All was done in the spirit of a statement that the gallery put on their website: 
"The exhibited works are not subject to the selection of a commission or any other classification or hierarchy. Art Salon is a democratic arena, an arena for public participation and criticism." 

The DOX gallery let everybody vote for the best painting. It is possible to vote in the gallery or on their Facebook page. The winner will have his/her own exhibition in DOX. 

The question is if the exhibition will attract enough impartial public to come to DOX to vote for a painting they really like or if the winner will be one who has largest group of supporters from family, friends or other social circles. If the latter is the case than the competition might be more about certain type of social skills rather than art skills. Let's hope that it will be at least combination of both! I am definitely very curious about the winner and will put up a post about him/her later. 
DOX space is a great host to such a huge number and variety of paintings. 

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