Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Naplavka - Vltava's riverbank summer season is over

Summer is definitely gone but we could still enjoy sunny warm afternoon walks along the river Vltava with stops at lovely outdoor cafes along the Naplavka riverbank this week. One of my favourites are Bajkazyl and Theatre Ship Tajemstvi. 
Bajkazyl offers open air seating area right at the river serving drinks, and it is also and probably more  importantly a space where you can rent a bike or repair yours if you travel by. Bajkazyl has been frequently organizing cultural events, concerts and DJ sessions in the summer nights. Most of these have been family friendly which meant that we could pass by and listen to some tunes, and the crowd was a mixture of all ages from babies to pensioners, and some people were accompanied by dogs which was a great entertainment for our baby. 
The Theater Ship Tajemstvi was founded by Forman brothers in the year 2000. They opened the Ship with a show Purple Sails. I happened to see the show with my little son and my sister at that time and we have very fond memories from that evening. 
It will be sad to see the Ship sailing away this weekend and Bajkazyl will most likely close before the winter too. I can still take a stride along the river and bring some bread for the swans and pigeons with my baby son but it will be cold and windy walk. At least during the freezing winter days that are to come I will be imagining how lovely it will be again to sit in the sun and sip a cup of coffee in warm breeze coming from the river or to enjoy a cold beer during hot summer nights.

Luxuriating in the last sun
View from the Ship
On the board of the Theatre Ship
Naplavka with the entrance to the Ship
Theatre Ship Tajemstvi


Draconiscz said...

I really like you photos.
What camera did you take them with?

Radka said...

Thank you for your comment! I am using my mobile phone Samsung Galaxy S3 - because I always have it with me :)