Friday, May 11, 2012

Colours and Lines - Alla Prima

Today uploading another of my older paintings. This one is dated to the year 2000. It is a portrait of my little sister Zuza.

Looking at it takes me instantly back in time. The memories as well as the painting are full of colour and life. Now it feels it was all one long beautiful summer when we were going to music festivals, art shows, beer-gardens and coffee houses, when we were talking until late at night about life and literature, about our plans and what the future might hold for us. This painting was done during such summer afternoon and the lines and colours reflect the mixture of feelings and hopes we had.

Name - Zuza
Technique - oil on canvas
Style - painting alla prima


Dante The Devil Hunter said...

There's much more to this than meets the eye! First look was just a taste of the obvious visualities (the basic colour contrast, the figure).. the second look allowed me to cherish some of the bizzare colour collisions that are going on in different parts of the picture (for example the way the right strap of the shirt blends in with the figure's arm).. on the third look I realised that if I wanted to reveal and understand all the complexity put into this painting I would have to examine it for a very long time! Stunning job! :)

Radka said...

Thank you Dante for such a beautiful comment. I am happy you like the picture so much. :)